Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Night To Remember

This past weekend was nothing short of spectacular!!! To now be peers with individuals I have admired finally made me realize that I am an AUTHOR. Not that I doubted my work or ability before, because I did not. But meeting the people whose books provided interest for me on many nights was uplifting. Also meeting my fans was wonderful! To actually have people appreciate the work I create makes me thankful for the life I lead!
The Man Who Designed My Book Cover. Keith of Marion Designs.

Me and Kwan Posing for A Quick Flick!!

Meet The Triple Crown Family!! The People Who Pay My Bills!

Signing Books at y Bottom

My manager, my lifelong friend Ray and me partying on the dancefloor.

Tiah and Cavalles of DCBookman at Foggy Bottom

Kwan, Darren Coleman, Me, Miasha, DCBookman and Treasure Blue posing for a gangsta lit picture on the eve of my book release party.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Urban Knowledge Bookstore in Jersey

Last Weekend was great!!! I had an opportunity to meet some of the readers right on the streets of New Jersey. There's nothing like signing books outside. The fresh air and the busy atmosphere causes my adrenaline to rush!!!

Urban Knowledge bookstore in New Jersey knows how to move books!!! I That is a bookstore I will always go back to.

Somebody even wanted me to sign their shirt!!! I loved it!!!


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It's On Amazon!!!

It's available on Amazon!!! Order your copy today!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006



Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I could've chosen another picture but why? She's beautiful. Anyway, if you missed the special on Jamie tonight you missed a hell of a performance!! And if you're one of my friends, I'm cutting you off because you knew better.

The performance tonight added all of his talents together. He was funny. He sang like a soulful angel and his skit performances between his musical presentation was nothing short of entrancing. If you'd like to see a smidgen, please visit the following site:

Until later....good night!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Living Out Dreams

What have I been doing? Living out my dreams!!! It's a blessing to finally be living out the dream I've had since I was a child. Writing!! But fulfilling dreams can also be time-consuming. So unfortunately, I haven't been able to blog with you lately. But guess what? I MISS YOU!!! So I'm back!!!

Any who let's get back to where I've been. I've been behind a computer living inside of the characters within my books. I've written a total of eight novels with one coming out within the next month or so. With that being said, please be on the look-out for A Hustler's Son by yours truly, ME!! It will be under the name T.Styles so don't stop looking if you don't find it under Toy Styles. You can preorder it at Barnes and Nobles now under "Hustler's Son" without the "A".
Ummm what else? Oh yeah!! I remember!! I went to see The Color Purple on Broadway and was mesmerized by the performances. I recommend everybody and I do mean EVERYBODY see the play at least once. You must go to New York to get the entire experience. Don't buy the DVD or see it anywhere else but in Manhattan! Because if you do, you'll be cheating yourself.

Ummm what else? Oh yeah, I've started a company called My Life Story. I started the company because when people find out I'm an author, they almost certainly tell me that they've always wanted to write a biography about their lives. Well...My Life Story gives people the opportunity to have their dreams come true TOO! We type, edit, and present the book to you within a matter of weeks. I've employed some very talented writers who have a knack of brining out the best in others. So if you'd like to see your life story in pages that will last a lifetime, call us today.410 356-7411


I'd like to share with you something I've learned. Success is tough, and for more reasons than one. But nothing in life is more rewarding than following a dream and succeeding. However, there are people in life who are threatened by the success of others because it reminds them of their personal failures. This is sad because one should never base their success off of the failures of others and vice versa. Ironically, if the same people would just try, they'd acheive some of the same goals as you. Still, these people will attempt to make you feel inadequate and unworthy of the blessings that God has given to you. Don't let them! Push on no matter what! Get tougher, grow stronger and go harder! Let these negative people be the fuel that feeds your fire. And when you do, watch how succesful you'll become!!

Bye Bye!! Until we blog again...sweet dreams.


Thursday, December 08, 2005